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Bloom by OutsideFate Bloom by OutsideFate
Dedicated to =S7ARCA7CHER for obvious reasons :D
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The first word that came into my mind when I saw this fractal was "whoa!!!". And it will be the last too, I think!
The fiery energy this beautiful composition radiates is simply mind-blowing. And it's not only because of the hot colors, but also for the very dynamic composition and the striped effect that enhances it.

But there's much more to say. Misha shows us once again how gifted he is with textures: it's nice to see how a pattern with a clearly prevailing direction can overlap another one with the opposite one, getting a "fabric" feeling that I always find really pleasant. It helps making the highlights spots less annoying and well merged with the whole image, and this applies to the shadow parts too.

What I don't like much in the "texture part" are the thin rays of light (thin orbit traps OCA I suppose, but I may be wrong) that actually make the design more various and interesting, but break the main flow and look a little extraneous to my eyes. On the contrary, I completely approve the little sparkles of light, very equilibrate and well spread, they merge very well with the rest of the fractal and with the other texture.

The color scheme is one of the best features, in my opinion. There's a nice balance among the mid-tones, with different hues of dark red and orange, and I really appreciate how the whole image looks uniform and burning at the same time, without risking the "flame" clichè. I could recall this blooming feeling to a lively summer, but connect the colors to a mild autumn.

I love how the stripes show different lengths and darkness/intensity, and a different thickness too. This creates a weird and interesting effect of depth, and forces my imagination to wonder what mysterious element could emanate all these surreal geometric beams when blooming. The squared edge of the stripes is a detail I can't completely tell I like or dislike... it creates an artificial and abstract feeling that works very well with this fractal and Misha's style, but I can't help imagining a more natural top... oh, well, this is just me ;)

The composition is very good, I love when the main focus isn't at the center of the image, especially in fractals like this where the flux is the main subject. I would just cut out the small circular shape at the bottom right corner to get a more uniform result, but on the other side this could be an element that makes the whole picture less monotone. Unlike the rays of light, this detail looks very little annoying to me. Good choice for the horizontal layout too.

So congratulations my friend for achieving such a nice result, I'm always impressed and pleased by the elegance of your fractals and this one is just... whoa!!!
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Deceneace Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Did you know this inspired me to something in apo :nod: but (un)fortunately I got even better idea and had to delete that part. Maybe I'll use it somewhere else :plotting:
theaver Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Love it , it is a real explosion of beams...on the other hand, it also looks like a bunch of spaghettie going into the boiling water, which does not mean that I dont like it very much.
S7ARCA7CHER Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
:noes: for me? aww you shouldn't have :blushes: thank you so much Misha :heart: I love it!
OutsideFate Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
That is my take on the formula you used on your DD :D

I am glad that you like it!
heavenriver Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This one RULES. A real deal of energy. A huge blow - almost like a volcanic eruption!
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October 28, 2010
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