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Submitted on
October 10, 2013


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Hello deviantART. Hello deviantART staff.

Fuck you.

No, I am not going to be polite. Fuck you.

I am saying that that because I don't know how else to. Do you know why?

Because dA does only love kids and their parents income.

So, dA has implemented a new feature that lets you search for commissions within certain price ranges. That's great, right?
Not really. Because some solvent-abusing staff member on dA felt like it was a really, really good idea to yet again pander to the kids to squeeze every kind of cheap penny of out them.

You know, it's fine. It's something I would expect from SheezyArt or whatever that piece of shit is called.

So, why am I angry again? It's only been a week since my last outburst, right?

Well, dA has this thing of completely fucking over every update they make.

The system itself is fine. It's great. But I'll tell you what isn't: dA IS ACTIVELY DEVALUING THE PRICE OF ART ON ITS OWN SITE WITH IT.

Now, I might seem all bitter and hateful as usual, but let's take a look at it.
As it is right now, the price gaps between searches are as follows:

1-29          ($0.01 - $0.29)
30-99        ($0.3 - $0.99)
100-249     ($1 - $2.49)
250-999     ($2.5 - $10)
1000+        ($10+)

Am I just the only cynical person in the world, or is this completely batshit bonkers?

I know, before more angry morons that missed the point of my short rant before I went to bed, I am aware that the limit you can make a dA commission for with the system is 8000 points. But that doesn't matter in this context. Why?

Because dA is trying its fucking best to pander to the kids right now. When 3/5 of the options for search refining is less than a pack of fucking bubble gum, you have fucked up.

I mean, who the fuck's going to click on the 1000+ tab when you have the other four to pick from ? People who play fair, that's it.
Why is the first two steps even options? Do you guys really need two sorting columns for things worth less than a dollar?

You know, fuck you. Fuck you so much, staff. I don't even care about you anymore. You can all go suck a fat one now.

But remember, dA :heart: you! Hahahahaha. No.

P.s. I would appreciate a fave+comment on this so it reaches the dA front page so the staff will have a harder time ignoring my plea for a better dA.

EDIT: People seem to think I am against the function itself. I am not. It's an awesome thing, but the price tiers, however, aren't.
EDIT2: I got the permission to post the really brilliant comment of Paladin-Ciel here in the journal:

I am more pissed off about having to give up 20% of my earnings to this system.

Its hard enough to find people with the proper funds necessary to pay for a professional level commission without DA taking a huge chunk of what funds I would be making after taking into account the cost of supplies, time, and training.

If I'm expected to push this fee onto my clients I am certain it would cause the prices to quickly fall outside the respective budgets of a large number of people.

This whole system feels like its pandering to this growing crowd of amateurs who think "Art is Easy" and after seeing a professional rake in several hundred dollars from a single commission think they can do the same with next to no training or practice.

Many major artist industries have been suffering from these types flooding the market with mediocre works at prices that do not properly reflect quality of work being produced. Then we got quality artist who don't have a clue how to price their work undercutting what should be a standard asking price to the point where the value of all professionals are diminished.

Its bad enough that the managers of Marvel and DC treat their artist like crap and underpay, lock them into cheating contracts, or fire them on a whim without DA cutting off our legs from the other side. > .<

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AlphaManifest Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*claps* This is beautiful.
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
every day i shake my head when people ask me to give one of my open to offer adopts away for 100 points because they think it is much... and here is dA.. training these people that everything over 10$ is overpriced..... -.-
geek96boolean10 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Here's the thing - this is based off of statistics. Chances are, the amount of commissions available for tier 1 are much greater than the last tier, thanks to the fact that many newbies are offering cheap commissions to get just a few dA points or notoriety points. Also, if they tiered everything with equivalent gaps, you'd either have a lot of empty tiers or one tier filled with extremely cheap commishes and another that is blank. I set my commissions cheap - and I know my target audience: the people with some points to spare but aren't willing to negotiate with a big-shot artist, and I appreciate deviantArt steering these people towards artists like myself. Not to mention, if you're willing to spend $2.5 on a commission, you are probably also willing to pay the $10 ones if they're good enough.

People like you need to understand that while the first two tiers appear useless to general consumers or hotshot artists, to the sprouting learners they are crucial to getting the attention that they need. If dA decided to remove these two tiers, or any tiers below $5, let's say, they'd have a lot more complaints from these people that they are being discriminated against and that their cheap work has been cast aside in favor of expensive work.

And about the 20%, deviantART is providing us with so much. Not only does it host an art site, it can prepare a portfolio for you, periodically upload work for you, give you a platform to spread word and to offer commissions and such, to receive critiques, to receive daily deviation awards, and to submit your work into interested groups. dA also provides something that you probably forget about: the audience. dA serves millions of people - and you're given pretty much free access to all of these people and possible revenue. It only makes sense that dA charges you for it - if not for dA, you'd have a little blog or website filled with ads that might give you 10% of your dA income if you're lucky.

Some complaints are definitely acceptable. 20% might be a little too high, so perhaps dA can reduce this. But to ask dA to disregard the cheap commissions is to ask them to alienate a large portion of their userbase, and that simply does not make sense.

rabbitica Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013   Digital Artist
Not sticking up for dA or anything but they operate from a capitalistic country. The main rule of Capitalism is that there is no price control. Anyone can sell a product at any price they want. If it doesn't sell, I guess it is the seller's problem. If it does, I guess the buyers decided the price was right. It is supply and demand. If your kind of commission can be produced by someone who wants 1 point, it is logical for you to want to pay 1 point instead of 8000 points. Face it, art world is really saturated, there are many artists to choose from and unless you are a vid game or movie quality artist, you aren't going to sell more than a bubble gum is worth.
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
we should have smaller regions on the internet. because deivantart is worldwide, people can choose the best and the cheapest while 90% are left alone... if there were barriers or regions, more artists who get customers because customers aren't aware of the Suuuuuuper-coool guy in another region selling at suuuper-low prices...

wait... Am I suggesting to shatter the worldwide web? Noooooo...I didn't mean that. 
KuraiLilia1998 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is just weird. I may not be a person who sells or buys art but I do believe art is not actually easy and cheap. Being less than a dollar is kind of shameful for me. Arts are usually of no value. They are priceless and being less than a dollar is kind of... well, weird. Art may be priceless but I do believe they come in very expensive prices.

I hope dA changes the price thing before I start doing commission or something.
spinoza1996 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
you're I'm doing these kind of commissions... cheap, because the fandom which I belong to is made of teenagers without much money or points... but as I get less unknown, I slightly rise my prices...

maybe artists set low prices because they feel pleasure while painting, and it's their first reward...

have you started your coms? :D
KuraiLilia1998 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, well, being considerate is good as well. It has to depend on situations and buyers, I suppose.

Haha, not yet. Might still be a long way before I can do that.
TwilightStar Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Student General Artist
So, 20% of the price they are expecting to be less than a dollar. Yea. THATS worth my time and energy. What else would I have spent all that money on college for?
JOEYDES Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Professional General Artist
I agree with Paladin-Ciel . The fact that they're taking 20% for no reason is beyond me. It's hard to find people willing to commission a piece of art. Most artists use paypal as a conduit for payment and they take a % of each transaction. 20% more and what's left? 
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